Understand what the different penalty status codes mean in Late Chaser.

Late Chaser will automatically import your invoices from Xero, and apply penalty rules to them (or filter them out) depending on the rules that you set. Learn more about setting your penalty rules here. 

Status codes:

Imported: Late Chaser has detected a new invoice, but it has not met your penalty criteria yet (Typically when it is not overdue yet). It will now sit in Late Chaser until it mets your penalty criteria, or is cancelled. Learn more about how to cancel invoices here.

Processing: Late Chaser has detected an invoice that meets your penalty rules. It is now processing the penalty. This process typically takes 10 minutes.

Processed: Late Chaser has now processed the penalty in accordance to your penalty rules. You can now preview the penalty issued by selecting the [+].  

Emails sent: Penalty email has been sent to the customer.

Cancelled: You have manually cancelled this invoice from being processed, this is what happens when you select 'Cancel Processing'

Whitelisted: Invoice will not have any penalties applied to it, as this contact is in the whitelist. Learn more about Whitelisting contacts here. 

Paid: Invoice has been marked as paid.