Watch the quick start demo video below: 

Diagram of How Late Chaser works:

New feature, add late fees, or interest to existing invoices:

How to set up your account:

Step 1: Sign in with Xero

> Select the sign up button on

> Select which Xero organisation you would like to sign in with, and to connect to Late Chaser.

> You'll now be logged into Late Chaser and on the dashboard. 

Step 2: Setup your penalty settings

> Move across to the SETTINGS tab in order to setup your penalty settings.

Important: Slide the Active slider into the off position while you are setting up your account.

> Select which penalty you would like to setup. Pick from a fixed late fee, or interest charges.

>More detailed setup for setting up fixed late fees, or

>More detailed setup for setting up interest charges on invoices

Step 3: Activate Late Chaser

> Activate Late Chaser by selecting the Active slider in the Settings

Now Late Chaser will automatically import and detect your overdue invoices, and send them penalties based on your penalty settings. Nice!

Optional: Setup white list contacts

Do you have specific contacts in Xero that you don't want penalties issued to? Set them up as a whitelisted contact and they will not get any penalty invoices issued to them.


> Select your contacts from the Xero search box. Important note: Contact search is case sensitive. 

Optional: Import previous invoices

When active, Late Chaser will automatically import invoices as they become overdue. However if you would like to import historical invoices to issue penalties to previous overdue invoices you can import them with the Manual Import function. 


> Use the date picker to select which periods to import invoices from. Important note: you can only select from a two week period for each import. 

Optional: Move between Xero organisations

If you would like to use Late Chaser for multiple Xero organisations on your account, you can do this easily by selecting between them with the org selector on the Dashboard.

> On the DASHBOARD > Select the Select Xero Organisation drop down.